Bighorn was founded in 1978 in Downtown Great Falls. It’s remained Independently and Locally owned ever since.



Our Staff

Chris Leatham
Chris was born in Great Falls and grew up running up mountains and down rivers with his family. After living and working in Michigan, Vermont, Washington DC, Colorado and Maui, he returned to Montana in 2001. Eight years flew by in Neihart where he spent the winters teaching hundreds, if not thousands, to ski and ride at Showdown. A genuine gear aficionado, Chris took over Bighorn in September of 2009. When he’s not in the shop, he’s likely on the snow, pedaling a bike or paddling a kayak with his wife, daughter and oversized dog.

Keith Moorehead
A Great Falls native, Keith has been working on bikes, skis and all manner of custom gear fitting for longer than he cares to remember… or admit to. A meticulous tech, he has a cult following who count on him to size, build and service custom bikes. While he enjoys going fast in cars these days, he has been known to wear his time trial helmet to work during July when in the throes of Tour de France Fever.

Beth Leatham

If you had told Beth that someday she’d be living in Montana, we’re fairly certain she wouldn’t have believed you. Originally from Northern New York State (think southern Ontario), she grew up on and in the St. Lawrence River. Beth and Chris have shared some unique adventures since teaming up in 1998, not the least of which is parenthood. While she has been accused more than once of being the “Voice of Reason”, she notes that she does all the same crazy things as the adrenaline boys – just at a much slower pace. Beth acts as buyer, marketing whiz, bookkeeper, organizational force and doughnut delivery agent.





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